100% rich in iron, low in cholesterol

100% rich in iron, low in cholesterol

Horse meat is good for your health.

Horse meat is one of the healthiest meats for human consumption. The meat is low-fat, iron-rich and abundant in vitamin B. Numerous physicians recommend the consumption of horse meat. We condemn the fraud that has been uncovered with respect to the abusive use of horse meat. We promise our full collaboration to uncover the origins of the fraud, to guarantee free choice for consumers with respect to their nutrition and protect the reputation of the horse meat sector. 

Horse meat has various qualities, benefitting to the health of human people.

  • Horse meat is low-fat: the fat content in horse meat is only 2 to 5%. In addition, 60 to 70% of the fats consist of non saturated fatty acids, which play an essential role in the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases;
  • Horse meat is iron-rich: 100g of horse meat contains 4 to 5mg of iron. Iron plays an important role in the creation of red bloodcells and reinforces the immune system. In addition, iron from horse meat is greatly digestable. The intake of 100g of horse meat contains one-third of the recommended daily intake for adults;
  • Horse meat is abundant in vitamin B: Horse meat contains vitamins B3, B6 and B12, vitamins that play an essential role in the cellular metabolism. The intake of 100g of horse meat contains the recommended daily intake in vitamin B12 for adults;
  • Horse meat contains high quality proteins: Horse meat contains about 20g protein per 100g. These proteins of animal origin are a source of essential amino acids, which, in turn, are important for the development of the muscles, organs, etc. The proteins present in horse meat are not only numerous but also of good quality. A serving of 100g horse meat is good for one-third of the recommended daily intake of protein for an adult.

Horse meat comes from animals that move a lot, eat healthy food and live a full life. All of this improves the quality of the meat. Moreover, horses are not susceptible to diseases such as BSE, swine or bird flu. It should therefore come as no surprise that horse meat is one of the healthiest meats available.

Moreover, horse meat has a rich flavor. Horse meat is in fact abundant in glycogen, 0.5 to 3 times more than beef, making it softer and sweeter.

We regret the recent revelations regarding the improper use of horse meat. These developments are distressing, primarily with respect to the consumer. The deception is contrary to the consumers free-choice of  food. In the second instance, these developments are distressing to the horse meat sector as a whole, whose public image thus is tarnished.

As a family business, operating since 3 generations in the horse meat industry, we have always campaigned for transparency in the production process. With our own manufacturing facilities, we leave nothing to chance and we guarantee that horse meat sold by our company is adequately labeled.

We regret that a number of individuals have harmed the consumer and the horsemeat sector. We encourage fully the various instances to identify the cause of the current problems and are committed to offer our full cooperation.


I've eaten horse, it is healthy, with lots of iron and half the fat of beef and far more Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Horse meat is "slightly gamey" and "packed with protein".